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Converting other World of Darkness systems to Street Fighter

This page only concerns basic conversion from the Old World of Darkness and says nothing about the new one. Since Street Fighter has a completely different cosmology then the World of Darkness - it isn't set in the WoD at all - most things aren't directly transferable. There is no Curse of Caine for vampires, no Triat for shapechangers, no fae courts, no Demiurge with cosmic wars, so on and so forth. The main focus of Street Fighter has been and will continue to be the men and women who take to the streets fighting for justice, money, revenge, or simple knowledge.

Obviously the various groups of the Old World of Darkness also don't exist in Street Fighter although creative GMs can create new proxies for them should they want to. No, this page is about taking some of the concepts and gameplay mechanics and defining ways in which they can exist in Street Fighter.

Vampire: The Masquerade

Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence are now backgrounds. All other powers and disciplines can be simulated by Focus maneuvers where appropriate. Very high power disciplines are not represented in this game for balance reasons.

Vampires may NOT study Ler Drit. The destructiveness of that style would inevitably overwhelm them and cause the Beast to take over - transforming the vampire into an undead Revenant. They may study any other style available to humans. The default style for vampires is Kibatsumejutsu which is a fusion of several styles with some school benefits specifically for vampires.

The vampire’s Blood Pool becomes their maximum permanent Chi up to 10 like any other Street Fighter. Any instance of requiring permanent Chi uses the vampire’s current amount of Chi as if it were their maximum. All vampires expend one Chi per day to maintain themselves. They may only regain Chi by feeding. (Alternatively, the GM may decide that vampires still have Blood Pools but can only fuel their Chi by converting Blood to Chi on a 1 for 1 basis. Blood cannot be spent to increase stats in this system but can be burned for emergency healing.)

A vampire who becomes a Revenant will suffer Final Death like all Revenants once they hit 0 health. The undead variety has one last-ditch method of clinging to life. The vampire may make an immediate Chi roll, difficulty 7. If it succeeds the vampire permanently loses one point off of their maximum Chi and is restored to 1 health. They immediately fall into a berserk frenzy as the Beast rages.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

All werewolves will need points in the Animal Hybrid background. To change form they will also need the Shapeshifting merit. There is no such trait as Rage in Street Fighter. Willpower remains the same but Gnosis is converted to Chi. They are otherwise treated the same as any other Animal Hybrid. Although not automatically vulnerable to silver or gold the GM may require these characters to take on the Achilles Heel flaw to provide such a weakness in the interest of balance. They may learn techniques of Kalindo provided they meet the requirements for the school.

Animal Hybrids are discussed in greater depth here: Animal Hybrid page.

Gifts from Werewolf should only be allowed in Street Fighter with careful scrutiny of their effects upon the overall game. Most of what they can do is already adequately covered by existing maneuvers and/or school techniques.

Mage: The Ascension

There is no such thing as Spheres or Paradox. Mages are humans with Focus maneuvers. Quintessence is converted into Chi. That was easy now wasn’t it?

Demon Hunter X

The Shih exist in Street Fighter using the Shih Demon Hunter school. Instead of learning Focus maneuvers like most fighters they instead have the Qiao. Members of Strike Force Zero are ordinary humans who can use cybernetics and study martial arts like any other human.


Like mages these individuals are humans with specific Focus maneuvers and should be treated as normal (if quirky) fighters.